300 - 400 junked sleds

Snowmobile Parts

As a hobby, Mike McFadyen has driven and worked on snowmobiles for most of his life.  Officially he started disassembling snowmobiles (sleds) over 20 years ago in 1986 in Portage, Western Prince Edward Island, and began stocking the parts for all different types of sleds. Soon enough, he had a substantial inventory of snowmobile parts in his shop and moved into motorbikes and ATV’s.

To date, Mike has acquired 300 – 400 junked sleds, ranging from 1960 – 1999. Vintage snowmobile parts being difficult to locate, Mike ships these parts all over the world and success has come by offering a unique, niche service.

Offering a service that no other dealers offer, Mike sells and delivers used ATV, motorbike and snowmobile parts everyday.

Contact us to see if we have the part that you need – no matter where you are in the world!